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Value Range- Fresh Fruit Cakes

Vanilla Fresh Fruit Cakes

Our vanilla cake is sandwiched with raspberry jam and dairy cream, and finished with dairy cream. The sides are coated in either chocolate vermicilli our over very own sweet cake crumbs (contain egg). The cake is finished with a border of fresh fruit on top. We don't glaze our fruit, and cut them fresh to order.

Chocolate Fresh Fruit Cakes

Our chocolate sponge is sandwiched with a light chocolate dairy cream and finished with chocolate dairy cream on top. The sides are coated in chocolate vermicilli, with a border of fresh fruit on top. We don't glaze our fruit, and cut them fresh to order.


VG18 Vanilla Heart Serves 20 (eggless available)
REF VG01 6" VanillaCake(with egg)£20 serves 5-6
REF VG02 8" VanillaCake(with egg)£25 serves 10-12
REFVG03 10" VanillaCake(with egg)£38 serves 20-25
REFVG04 12" VanillaCake(with egg)£53 serves 30-35
REFVG05 14" VanillaCake(with egg)£75 serves 50
REFVG06 16" VanillaCake(withegg)£105serves 70-75
REF VG07- 10" Choc cake serves 20-25 £48
VG08 6"VanillaCake £20Serves5-6(eggless available)
VG09 8"Vanilla £25Serves10-12(eggless available)
VG10 10"Vanilla £38 Serves20-25(eggless available)
VG12 12"Vanilla £53 Serves30-35(eggless available)
VG14 14"Vanilla £75 Serves50(eggless available)
18" Dairy Cream Cake, 130 portions £180
50 Number Dairy Cream Cake,35portionsREF:PRE5 £85
VG16 16"Vanilla£105 Serves70-75(eggless available)
VG17 10"Vanilla£50 Serves20-25(eggless available)
VG19 10"Vanilla £45 Serves20-25(eggless available
12" Round Extra Fruit(35Portions) £60
2 Figure Freshcream (25Portions) £60 REF:728

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