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Tel : 0208 868 7878

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Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Cake collections can be                 arranged
Product Categories

Please note that we accept a minimum order of 15 cupcakes. Cupcakes are provided in standard cake boxes free of charge, if you require them to be presented in cupcake boxes with inserts to hold the cupcakes in place, this will be an additional charge of £1 for a box  holding 6 cupcakes, £1.99 for a box holding 12 cupcakes and £2.50 for a box holding 24 cupcakes. Please specify your requirements when placing your order.

REF: VEVE2 Baby Feet Cupcakes £1.70 Each
VEV7 Spidermancucpakes(nonedible ringtoppers)£1.70
VEVE8 Princess Cupcakes(nonedible ringtopper)£1.70
VEVE9 Mixed Cupcakes £1.70(nonedible ring topper)
Assorted Butterflies REF: AAB £1.50 Each
Heart Cupcakes £1.80 Each
Baby Shower/Christening Feet Cupcakes £1.50 each
Thomas the Tank Cupcakes £1.50 Each
Teddy Cupcakes £2.25 Each
Animal Cupcakes £2.25 Each
Edible Image Cupcakes £1.40 Each
Standard Cupcakes £1 Each
Standard Cupcakes Pink £1 Each
Cupcakes with Edible Pearls £1.10 Each
Children's Disney Theme Cupcakes £1.40 Each
Butterfly Cupcakes £1.50 Each REF: CCC1
Rose Cupcake £2.40 Each REF: CCC2
Forget Me Not Cupcake £1.60 Each REF: CCC3
Sugarpaste Butterfly Cupcake £1.60 Each REF: CCC4
Summer Flowers Cupcake £2.60 Each REF: CCC5
Wafer Daisy Cupcake £1.50 Each REF: CCC6
Assorted Cupcakes Pink & Purple £1 Each REF: CCC7
Chocolate Cupcakes £1.20 Each REF: CCC8

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The Harrow Cake Shop
355 Rayners Lane,
Harrow, Middlesex, HA5 5EN
Phone : 0208 868 7878
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Tel: 0208 868 7878

Email : enquiries@harrowcakeshop.co.uk